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Senior Application Specialist - Bioprinting

Maastricht, Nederland

About the Role

Are you an enthusiastic bioengineer with experience in additive manufacturing technologies applied to tissue engineering? Would you like to work in an international, small-scale environment with large societal impact? Then we have an interesting job for you at ReGEN Biomedical.

We are looking for:
As the Senior Application Specialist - Bioprinting, you will be responsible for testing/optimizing new modalities to produce macro-tissues from micro-tissues and making existing modalities integration-compatible in completely automated tissue manufacturing assemblies. The work will focus on cardiac tissue, but the techniques will be developed to be generally applicable. In this role, your tasks will include:
• Testing/optimizing tissue macro-assembly modalities under development, e.g. using acoustic or magnetic fields
• Developing interfaces for established tissue macro-assembly modalities, such as extrusion based, with fully automated tissue manufacturing
• Working with our automation application specialists to transition tissue macro-assembly to a fully automated tissue manufacturing assembly

About the Company

ReGEN Biomedical is a startup company with a small and talented team, that is building a production location for human tissue in Maastricht. It focuses on growing large quantities of robust and reproducible small tissue pieces (micro-tissues) for toxicity & pharma screening. Functional micro-tissues represent the next step in mimicking patient organs and represent the future of personalized medicine.

We are building expertise on how to assemble the micro-tissues into functional pieces of human organs, the so-called macro-tissues. The micro-tissues also serve as building blocks for RM therapies and will be assembled into functional macro-tissues.

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