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This week was the farewell of Marianne van der Steen as board member and co-founder of Regmed XB.

30 nov. 2023

As Clemens van Blitterswijk mentions: "It's sad to see Marianne leave RegMed XB. She is undoubtedly one of the foundations of RegMed XB, and without her boundless energy, the organization as we know it today would not have existed. I am delighted to see that Marianne is now fully committed to creating a bright future for ReGEN Biomedical."

Marianne's journey continues as co-founding CEO of ReGEN Biomedical and a new transatlantic regenerative medicine initiative focused on metabolic health.

Marianne van der Steen's era at RegMed XB - ReGEN Biomedical (print)
Download PDF • 6.36MB

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